Copper Gutter Installation in Richmond, VA Protects a Home from Rain Damage

by | Jul 3, 2014 | Construction and Maintenance

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Homeowners are deciding to install metal roofs and gutters to get the benefits of these long-lasting materials. Copper gutter installation in Richmond, VA has become popular as people are learning about its strength. They also are attracted by the patina it develops as it ages. People who live in areas prone to hailstorms and other violent weather appreciate the way that copper stands up to these weather events. Roofing manufacturers have responded to this renewed interest in metal roofs and gutters by creating a variety of residential styles.


Copper gutters last at least four times longer than aluminum gutters. Once, Copper gutter installation in Richmond, VA is expertly completed using the best fasteners, the gutters are maintenance free for decades. Homeowners don’t have to worry that they will weaken or sag. This means that leaks won’t develop at the seams.


Homeowners can choose among different copper gutter shapes. Traditionalists might opt for rectangular gutters while others choose copper gutters with rounded edges. Those who like a more ornate style can find copper gutters with embossed designs on them. If the homeowner likes the shiny new look of copper, the copper can be treated to keep that glow. If the copper is not treated, then it develops a patina over the years. Some homeowners prefer this aged look and allow it to happen.


Regardless of the material used, homeowners need to hire roofers who understand how gutters function and should be installed. For example downspouts have to ensure that the water is deposited far enough away from the foundation, so the water won’t build up pressure in the nearby soil. This could lead to cracks in the foundation.


Therefore, it’s important to have any roof or gutter installed by skilled professionals. Homeowners can visit to learn why homeowners in Virginia have trusted them for the past 65 years. They are adept at installing all types of roofing materials including slate and asphalt in addition to copper. Therefore, they can offer the homeowner the material that is best for their home and budget. They are committed to finishing any project on schedule, so that the homeowner can return to their daily routine.

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