Control the Glare With Outdoor Shades


If you enjoy your outdoor space, such as the patio or built-in porch, you probably know the exact time of day when the sun begins to lower and causes an unbearable glare. With this direct sunlight, your outdoor space can heat up and quickly become uncomfortable. Usually, this glare is so severe that you may have to go back indoors or move into the outside space. Luckily, there is a solution. Outdoor roller shades can be installed into your already existing structure and cut down the pesky glare. Never again will you have to move because of the sun’s location. Instantly, you will have the ability to enjoy not only shaded but a lower-temperature space.

Efficient and Effective

Did you know that outdoor roller shades could block up to 97% of the sun’s glare and heat? This will eliminate virtually the entire problem. Your outdoor living space can remain as cool and calm as you intended for it to be. The retractable of these shades will provide ease and little to no maintenance. These shades aren’t just functional either; they can also be incredibly stylish. You can find them in a variety of colors and textures, which varies depending on fabric density. Your outdoor roller shades can be custom made depending on the dimensions of your space. The widths can be made in varieties up to twenty feet, and the vertical and retractable fabric will drop up to eighteen feet long. Essentially no outdoor space needs to be without shade!

Stylish and Practical Options

Your roller shades can be available in four different finishes including brown, caramel, white, and desert sand. Depending on the amount of shade you want for your outdoor space, you may choose a texture that lets more or less light through. Each fabric is made with the same, long-lasting weave and can vary from 3% openness, which would block approximately 97% of glare, to 10% openness, which would block approximately 10% of glare. For additional convenience, you may be able to get motorized outdoor roller shades, which eliminate essentially any maintenance. Your installation will be completed with either standard sidetracks or coated stainless steel cables, depending on your preference. Moreover, your installation should last for up to 10 years, ensuring you many afternoons of glare-less relaxation! Enjoy all of the benefits of the outdoors while keeping glare, heat, and insects out.

Outdoor roller shades are a convenient and efficient way to eliminate unwanted glare and heat. Install outdoor roller shades and reclaim the beauty and comfort of your outdoor recreation space.

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