Considering your Options with Stained Doors

Considering your Options with Stained Doors

When it comes to wood doors, which are the premier choice for replacement or new doors for the interior and exterior of a home or commercial building, there are two options in finishing. One is to paint the doors, which is common with wood garage doors, and the other is to choose stained doors.

Stained doors are ideal for both indoor and outdoor entryways, and they are also a great addition to complete a garage or outbuilding look on a property. Staining has some definite advantages over paint for both interior and exterior doors, but there are some possible issues to consider as well.

The Pros and Cons of Paint

There is really only one major advantage to painted doors over stained. That is the ability to select any color, including black and white, blues, greens and unique colors, which are simply not possible with stains.

The issues with painted doors include repainting and touch up needs when the door gets scrapes or minor abrasions, the risk of the paint peeling and fading in direct sunlight, and the inability to actually see and enjoy the look of the natural wood. Also, without the right type of paint and an experienced painter, lines and variations of the paint can lead to a less-than-perfect painted surface.

The Pros and Cons of Stain

With stained doors, the stain actually penetrates the wood, limiting any discoloration caused by minor abrasions or areas of wear. This is particularly true when the door is prepared, stained, and finished directly from the manufacturer.

The other advantage to stained doors is that they are truly beautiful additions to the interior or exterior of the home. The natural grain of the wood, as well as the unique characteristics of wood varieties such as knotty alder, add to the unique look of the door.

Today, new technology in low- or zero- VOC stains and sealers, as well as specialty products that prevent UV damage, make stain more durable than paint and safer for your family and the environment. It is also much less time consuming to maintain, giving you a beautiful door you can enjoy for years to come.

Finally, with stained doors, there is a range of stain colors available from the lighter natural stains that go well with oak and alder, through to the dark red and brown stains that look stunning on mahogany. Different sealers and finishing coats can also give a satin sheen or a low-gloss finish, while adding full-weather resistance to both sunlight and moisture.

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