Considering the Benefits of Adding Fresh Top Soil in Hartford CT


The back yard could use some work in order to be truly functional and attractive. One of the elements to consider adding is some fresh Top soil in Hartford CT. Here are some of the benefits that come with this decision.

Adding Nutrients to the Soil

The right type of Top soil in Hartford CT does more than add another layer to the ground. It will come with a variety of nutrients that help to nourish the soil that is already in place. Thanks to this benefit, it will be easier to get the grass to grow and cultivate the look that the homeowner has in mind.

Fighting Erosion

One of the reasons that the back yard looks less than impressive is that the drainage of water has removed a lot of the soil from certain areas. After talking with a contractor about reworking the drainage system and possibly construction some retaining walls to help fight the erosion, bring in some fresh top soil. Doing so will fill in those spaces where the earth is laid bare and also make it much easier for flora and fauna to take root and grow. This helps transform spaces that were a bit of an eyesore before into beautiful places that the entire family can enjoy.

Leveling the Yard

While the yard is mostly level, there are some spots that dip quite a bit. That limits the ways that the space can be used for outdoor parties and similar events. Haul in some dirt to help fill in those spots and then add some top soil and grass seed. In a matter of weeks, it will seem as if the yard has always been level, and the grass was always that thick and lush.

There are several other benefits associated with adding more top soil to the lawn. Contact the team at Dunning Sand and arrange for a professional to come out and take a look. After assessing the space and talking with the customer about how the yard will be used, it will be easy to come up with the right type of soil for the job. Once it is delivered and distributed, finishing with the landscaping project will be much easier.

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