Considering Different Ideas for Fireplace Updates

Considering Different Ideas for Fireplace Updates

Having a fireplace in the living room or the master bedroom is nice, but it could look a little better. The good news is that some simple fireplace updates may be all it takes to improve the appearance. Here are a few suggestions to take into consideration.

Changing the Mantle

One of the simplest approaches to fireplace updates is to change out the mantels. Perhaps the current mantle was an attempt by a past owner to update the look of the room. Since the current owner has gone to a great deal of trouble to restore the room to the original period, it makes sense to do the same with the fireplace. Jettison the more contemporary mantle and find one that is more traditional. Remember that mantels do not necessarily have to be painted; they can also be constructed with some type of hardwood, stained to perfection, and then sealed to protect it from the heat of the firebox. With the right change, the look can make all the difference in the ambiance of the room.

Updating the Hearth

Perhaps the mantle looks fine, but the hearth leaves a lot to be desired. There are ways to make some changes and not have to get into a lot of construction. Having a professional clean the current hearth will make it easier to see if there are any structural issues to address. From there, think about installing some sort of liner or covering that alters the appearance. Doing so can help pull in one of the colors from another area of the room and unify the fireplace with the rest of the space.

Restoring the Brick

At some point in the past, somebody thought it would be a good idea to paint the brick facade of the fireplace. Since the current owner does not like the look, why not strip away the paint and reveal the brick underneath? Once the paint is all gone, it will be easy enough to treat and seal the brick so that it looks like new construction.

For help with updating any fireplace, visit Thefireplaceguys.com and arrange for a professional to visit the home and inspect the hearth and the other elements. It will not take long to come up with a plan of action and have the fireplace looking great.

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