Considering Different Designs for Plaques in Honolulu


A special occasion is coming up, and the idea of ordering a plaque for the event has come to mind. With so many different designs for Plaques in Honolulu, which one would be best? Here are some tips that will help the buyer settle on a design that is perfect for the occasion.

What Materials Would Work Best?

Plaques in Honolulu are designed using a wide range of materials. One way to go is match, solid wood with a brass plate. The plate is engraved with any text or characters that are appropriate for the event. Considered to be one of the most traditional designs, this approach will work well for everything from a special plaque for a 50th wedding anniversary to honoring an employee who is retiring after many years of service.

There is also the possibility of moving away from the traditional and using other materials. How about a Lucite plaque with an etched inscription? Perhaps using aluminum or copper instead of brass will be a nice touch. Most office supply services will have samples of different plaque designs, allowing customers to see how different combinations of materials look.

Settling on the Inscription

When it comes to wording the inscription for the plaque, keeping it simple is often the best idea. While there may be a lot to say, there is no need to create what amounts to a short story on the front of the plaque. Something along the lines of the name of the recipient, the date of the event, and the reason for the recognition will be enough. If there’s room, adding a quote or a reference to whomever, is presenting the plaque is fine.

Before approving the inscription, step back and try to visualize the plaque hanging on a wall. How hard would it be to stop, read the entire inscription in thirty seconds or less, and understand who was honored and why? If that can be done easily, the inscription is fine. When reading it will only lead to more questions, changing the words would be a good idea.

For anyone who needs a plaque for an upcoming event, Contact Rubber Stamp One Day Service Inc today and arrange to look at some samples. With a little time and effort, the finished product will look great.

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