Considering Different Designs for Patios in Burlington WI


For some time now, the homeowner has been thinking about adding a patio to the house. Now that there is some money for the project, the time has come to call a contractor and start making plans. As the discussions get underway, the two parties can talk about different designs for Patios in Burlington WI, and how they would work for the client. Here are some points to consider closely before any work gets underway.

Choosing the Materials

Concrete is one of the most common materials used for Patios in Burlington WI. There are a number of reasons for this, including the simplicity of pouring the concrete slab and knowing that it will hold up to all sorts of weather. For anyone who wants to have the patio finished quickly, this is a great option.

When there is a little time to spend on the project, consider the idea of using some type of masonry for the patio floor. This can be brick, or it can even include the use of different types of stones that are set in place using concrete. The surfaces can be smoothed and even sealed if the owner wants. Patios that opt for something more decorative are great additions and will certainly increase the market value of the property.

How About Designs?

Even with a concrete patio, there are plenty of ways to dress the space. Concrete can be tinted a single color without a lot of trouble. If the owner likes, it is possible to use a stencil that helps create the look of tile, brick, or any other material that is desired. That basic patio floor can even be given a look that is much like a mosaic tile floor. Once the design is in place, make sure it is clean and apply a clear protective coating.

For anyone who is thinking of adding a patio or updating an existing one, Contact Koch Kuts Landscaping and Maintenance today. A contractor can visit the home and take a good look at the space before any decisions are made. Once the plans are worked out, the work can get underway and have the space ready for use this summer. You can also connect with them on Facebook.

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