Considerations When Bar Grinding Is Required

Considerations When Bar Grinding Is Required

When it is important that there is a tight tolerance and a great finish, bar grinding on short to long stock and tubing will be an important consideration. Not all grinding services offer the same options for grinding, and it is essential to find the company that is able to meet specific grinding needs, timetables and delivery schedules.

Size and Length

First, it is important to focus in on companies specializing in grinding. Most machining services will offer some type of grinding, but this is typically very basic and not at all what is possible from the specialized services.

Equipment that can take longer lengths of up to 24 feet for tubing and 12 feet in length are possible with specialized companies. This can include straightening and grinding of up to ten-inch diameter tubing and six inch solid bars, making this bar grinding service highly practical for a wide range of different industrial needs.

Emergency Service

With any industry, including fabrication and manufacturing, it is not uncommon for some primary providers to be unable to fill an order as per specific needs. In these cases, looking for a bar grinding services offering emergency prioritization of an order may be a critical consideration.

Some companies have the ability to ensure a one or two-day turnaround on all the grinding needs required. This is true for existing customers or for a new customer who is left without the supplies they need by their current company.

Order Size

While typically bar grinding needs will include multiple parts, there can still be issues with minimum and maximum order size. Knowing what the company requires for a minimum order or the maximum they can handle can help in determining if they are a good match for current volume and requirements.

Options to Consider

When working with a company offering any type of grinding services it is always helpful to know that the staff has efficiency and quality of products in mind. With these companies if there is a better option than the grinding method requested, they will notify the customers and make suggestions.

Ultimately the customer will always determine how the bar grinding will proceed, but with expert advice and information it may be possible to lower costs, speed up production and provide a superior end product that is just what is needed for the job.

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