Considerations in Selecting A Laboratory Extruder

Considerations in Selecting A Laboratory Extruder

Having the ability to continually test and verify the quality control during polymer production is a critical aspect of most manufacturing facilities. This means it is important to have the correct equipment in place to provide reliable, accurate and precise results.

Each system or piece of equipment within the system should be selected for the ability to perform to these high standards and levels of accuracy. It is also important to choose each component as part of the whole, meaning it should be able to integrate with your current plastics testing system.

Having a laboratory extruder that meets these demands isn’t difficult if you take the time to research the options and available and to understand the functions and type of extrusion required.

Uses and Requirements

A laboratory extruder is an essential device in polymer research and development as well as quality monitoring and material testing. These systems can vary from a relatively simple and small machine to a system that fully integrates with software programs and provides continual feed and constant data transmission.

While not specifically related to the testing requirements needed, the location and the physical size of the laboratory extruder will be an important consideration in terms of use. There are small and compact systems that offer manual or continual feed or much larger units that are part of the line.

Some systems are designed to be modular in nature. This allows your team to set up an at-line system with the extruder, rheometer and even blown or flat film stations to the specific configuration best suited for the application.

There should also be a focus on the reputation of the company in providing not only reliable but also durable equipment. These Extruders should be able to last for years, even with extensive testing requirements.

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