Consider These Factors Before Calling for Replacement Water Heater Installation in Edison NJ

Consider These Factors Before Calling for Replacement Water Heater Installation in Edison NJ

There’s nothing better than a hot shower on a cold day, and most people expect the shower to provide hot water on demand. The water in a shower is heated by the home’s water heater, and if morning showers aren’t as hot as the family would like, there are a few things to check before calling for repair or Water Heater Installation in Edison NJ.

The Water Heater Itself

To find out why the water isn’t getting hot enough, start at the beginning of the process with the water heater. Check the thermostat to ensure that it is correctly set; if that’s not the problem, the heating element may be faulty. Either situation can result in a lack of hot water. While the thermostat is easily adjustable, the heating element should be replaced by a professional.

The Faucet

In some cases, hot water issues may be attributable to problems within one or more plumbing fixtures. Determine whether it’s a whole-house problem by turning on every hot water faucet in the home. If the water starts hot but quickly grows cold, there may be an issue with the burner in the water heater. However, if the problem is isolated to one faucet, a shower component might be the cause.

Cross-Connected Pipes

In an older home, these pipes were often used to balance the flow of cold and hot water. If there’s a spray nozzle in the shower and it heats up when the shower is turned off, there’s a problem with the pipes. This job can be complex enough that it’s best left to a plumbing professional.


Sometimes, the hot water can be depleted if it’s heavily used. If other family members take showers consecutively or the washer uses hot water, the tank can be emptied quickly. Allow at least a half-hour after a wash load or shower for the water heater tank to fill up again. If issues persist even with patience, it may be time for Water Heater Installation in Edison NJ. Click here or call to set up an evaluation or service appointment, and enjoy hot showers again.

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