Concepts Managed By Employment Law Services In Granite City, IL


In Illinois, local attorneys address common concepts associated with employment-related laws. These laws include but are not limited to discrimination, sexual harassment, and failures to provide adequate wages. The following are these concepts managed by Employment Law Services Granite City IL.

Discrimination Cases in Employment Laws

Federal laws prevent employers from discriminating against applicants based on gender, race, religion, and sexual orientation. If an employer fails to comply with these laws, they are liable for violating a federal law. These cases may pertain to a failure to promote a qualified worker based on these common factors. These employers can face a penalty for these actions as well as become the defendant in a lawsuit.

Reviewing Sexual Harassment Claims

Employees who are sexually harassed have the legal right to file a report against their attacker. All companies are required to provide an open door policy that prevents a hostile workplace. If their supervisor is the individual attacking them, they have the right to address their employer. The laws enable the victim to file a report with law enforcement and the court to identify unethical individuals in their workplace for these actions. They can also file a civil lawsuit against these individuals. Employment Law Services Granite City IL can help these victims file legal claims.

Labor and Wages Laws

All employers are required by federal laws to provide time and a half time to all employees who work overtime. They must also provide increased wages for certain holidays as well. If the employer alters the time sheets or fails to provide these wages, the employees may report them to the wage and hour board. This gives them the opportunity to acquire any lost wages and acquire compensation for these offenses. The employer will incur penalties imposed by federal laws.

In Illinois, local attorneys address employment-related violations that are based on discrimination, sexual harassment, and whistleblowers. These cases enable victims of related actions to file a legal report against their employer to report them to the federal government. Workers who need assistance through Employment Law Services Granite City IL contact Brunton Law Offices for more information today.

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