Comparing Residential Movers Near Birmingham, AL


Moving is a big event for most people. Moving a larger home, condo or apartment is much more complex from a first move where there may be limited furniture and household items.

To have peace of mind in choosing the best residential movers near Birmingham, AL, it is important to take the time to ensure the right company is selected for the job. Many people mistakenly believe all moving companies are the same when, in reality, all companies offer different levels of services, professionalism, and expertise in the moving process.

Years in the Industry

It is important to take the time to get to know about the residential movers near Birmingham, AL, before making a choice. The years in business is a strong indicator of a reliable, professional moving company.

There are both large national companies with recognized names as well as small local companies to consider. Many of the large companies are operated by local owners, which provides the benefit of a national moving service with the personalized support of a local business.

Expertise of Moving Crews

Large residential movers tend to hire drivers and moving crews as employees. They provide training on the safe moving of all types of items, plus they ensure all background checks are completed on all people working for their company. They also provide full insurance for the movers and the services they offer.

Smaller companies tend to hire drivers and then bring on movers from day labor pools as needed for moving jobs. This often means untrained and inexperienced moving crews.

Services Offered

Websites are a good place to start looking at the services offered by different residential movers. Ideally, choose companies offering the services required for the move without the need to purchase packages that include services which are not required.

This will save money and time, plus it allows for easy planning, organization, and coordination of the move.

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