Common Types of CNC Equipment

Common Types of CNC Equipment

At the time when CNC machinery was invented, it was used as an adaptation to fit onto already existing machines. In modern times, CNC technology still allows for this type of adaptation. However, it also involves many devices that were created solely for use as CNC machines.

One of the most commonly retrofitted machines is the milling machine. In this process, mechanisms that are built to make the machine easier for humans to work with are removed. This might include hand wheels or digital readouts that won’t be needed for CNC. In addition to this, the milling machine may have its old screws replaced with newer ones. New mounts will likely be built onto the machine to mount any actuators that are needed.

Another type of retrofitted machine that is seen commonly is the lathe. These often have the same processes mentioned above for the milling machine done to them.

When it comes to machines custom built for CNC processes, routers are one of the most common. These machines are built entirely for CNC technology and will have little to no interface for human intervention. Routers are great for producing large parts, typically in materials like plastics, wood, or sheet metal. Some CNC routers may have anywhere from four to six axes; these are most often used for complex models and shapes.

Those in Milwaukee to sell your CNC equipment may find that other common custom-built CNC machines include milling machines, plasma cutters, laser cutters, 3D printers, and pick and place machines. These are all often sold and can bring in an excellent price for the right machine.

Plasma and laser cutters are similar in many ways. They also are related to routers, as described above. Laser cutters excel when cutting metal, wood, or plastic while plasma cutters are best for cutting two-dimensional shapes into sheet metal. Different strengths of lasers are better for certain types and thicknesses of materials.

Milling machines are large pieces of machinery that can be retrofitted or custom built for CNC use. Many of these machines offer auto-feed mechanism for loading, electrical sensors for safe work, and built-in tool changers.

For those in Milwaukee to sell your CNC equipment, you can trust CC Machine Tools to help. Their sales team will help you determine potential purchase of your used machine. To find out more, you can visit the company website or reach them at 847-504-6700.

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