Common Questions An Auto Accident Lawyer In Gig Harbor Can Answer

Common Questions An Auto Accident Lawyer In Gig Harbor Can Answer

In Washington, questions are raised after an auto accident happens. The victims need to know what happened exactly and what party is at fault. The answers to common questions guide victims when filing a legal claim. An Auto Accident Lawyer in Gig Harbor can offer answers to commonly asked questions about the claims.

Who Provides Estimates for Property Damage?

The auto owner chooses at least three auto body repair shops. The automobile is taken to the body shops, or a representative from the body shop visits the location of the vehicle. All three estimates are turned in with the accident claim.

A contractor conducts assessments for any real property damage that happened. The estimate shows an itemized list of the damage. The total cost of the repairs appears on the estimate.

Where are the Total Medical Costs Found?

The doctor providing treatment or the hospital that conducted emergency medical treatment send an invoice to the victim. Any incurring expenses appear on bills that are sent to the victim or filed through their health insurance. Even if their medical coverage pays the expenses, the total value is added to the accident claim. The victim is reimbursed through the claim for any medical expenses they paid themselves. Their insurer can also give them a list of all costs that were paid.

What Happens if Stolen Vehicles are Involved in the Accident?

The vehicle identification number and tag number are included in the accident report. Any vehicle that was stolen is reported to law enforcement upon the discovery of this fact. The vehicle owner receives a notification within 30 days of the accident. If the vehicle was stolen, the owner isn’t at-fault for the accident. However, the owner must contact the DMV and resolve potential registration issues.

In Washington, victims have questions about common issues related to auto accidents. By approaching an attorney, they could get the answers they need about filing legal claims after an auto accident. These individuals also receive a projected value for their award. Victims who need answers contact an Auto Accident Lawyer in Gig Harbor directly or find more information right here.

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