Common HVAC Repair Problems in Clearwater FL

by | Sep 29, 2014 | Heating and Air Conditioning

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Knowing about the most common HVAC repair situations may not help get the problem fixed, but it will make you feel better because you are slightly knowledgeable about the situation and can at least understand what a professional is telling you. Unless you are a professional HVAC contractor, you should not repair your system.


If you notice that your Clearwater FL home blows fuses frequently, then you should consider calling out an HVAC repair company because when the motor is going bad, it will usually trip the breaker. Most HVAC technicians will check fuses before doing anything else. The fuses could be inside your home or near your air conditioning unit outside.

While it may be normal for a fuse to blow once, if the same fuse blows again, you should have someone out to check it.


Most HVAC units have three contactors including one for the condenser fan, compressor and blower motor. These contactors will start the motors and compressor so if any of the contactors are worn, it could make it hard for electricity to pass into that area and start the motor. This can be caused by pitting and arcing of the contactor, which means the contactor will likely need to be replaced.


Most Clearwater FL homeowners do not realize how often filters must be replaced and why. Air is always flowing through these filters, and the filters are there to catch all the dirty air particles so you don’t continuously breathe them in. However, when filters are clogged with dirt and debris, the filter does the home no good. Dirty filters will also reduce the flow of air through the filter, making your unit work harder and potentially freezing it. A good way to tell if the filter is clean or needs to be replaced is to hold it up to the light fixture. If you can see light through the filter, it is okay, but if you cannot see any light, it should be changed.


Another common HVAC repair is for the thermostat. In most cases, the thermostat is found on a hallway wall in the center of the home. The thermostat could be in a bad area and need to be moved or is otherwise not working properly. The thermostat tells your system what should be done and when, so check the settings before calling an HVAC repair company in Clearwater FL.

HVAC repair in Clearwater FL includes AC, heat and your ventilation system and is the most important system in your home. If you experience problems, call Palm Harbor today.

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