Common Cosmetic Dentistry Problems And How To Fix Them


As children, it was common to have one or more teeth missing from your smile, and it was considered cute and healthy. However, after you have all your permanent teeth, a missing tooth becomes a significant problem. Other problems can include stained or yellowing teeth, chipped teeth, gaps, crooked/crowded teeth and much more. These cosmetic dentistry problems can easily be fixed by visiting your dentist.


Tooth whitening is one of the most attractive options available because the easiest way to change your smile is to brighten it. For most people, the price is worth the effect they receive. While it is not a permanent fix to the problem, eating right and brushing your teeth after eating or drinking can help reduce the amount of staining you receive. You can also contribute to your white teeth by reducing the amount of coffee and tea you consume.

Dentists usually have two systems in place for whitening teeth, including a quick one and a more traditional one. If you require the treatment to be done quickly for a special event, you’ll likely receive a Zoom treatment.

Crooked/Crowded Teeth

Crowded and crooked teeth can make your smile seem too “toothy” and may make it difficult to smile and eat. It can also cause more mouth problems, such as gum disease or tooth decay. There are many excellent options available to fix this issue, which you can discuss with your dentist.

Large gaps

If you have wide gaps between your teeth, you’ll likely find yourself hiding your smile or not laughing at all. While it makes your smile look “off,” it can also cause more problems, such as extra plaque, lost bone density in the jaw and more. The Invisalign system may be able to help reduce the gaps, or you could consider veneers or other options.

Missing Teeth

Cosmetic dentistry is also available for missing teeth. Typically, people consider partial dentures because they are covered by most dental insurance. However, dental implants are regarded as an elective procedure that will restore the missing tooth and make it look more natural. Typically, a metal post is embedded into the space where the tooth was, and then a post is added. The hand-crafted tooth is placed in the post to create the look of a full row of teeth.

Dental Magic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry is the best option for those who need a little TLC for their smile. Dental Magic Dentistry offers many services to help you get the smile you’ve always dreamed of, so check out their website today.

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