Combating Termites The Green Way: Organic Pest Control


Termites are no joke. Once let them establish a nest inside the structure of a wood frame house, and it’s a mere question of time before major repairs or even reconstruction costing many thousands of dollars will become necessary. Termites do their damage slowly, silently. Many people may never even suspect they’ve got an infestation until it’s discovered accidently, either by the homeowner or a workman brought in to do a roofing or central air job. When termites are discovered, it’s always bad news.

When an infestation is already well in progress, the homeowner cannot fool around. The nests have to be eliminated at once, before more damage can be inflicted. But after the battle, there is the war to be considered. A present infestation can be dealt with quickly. But the question then turns upon how to achieve long-term termite control. Traditionally, this has been effected through the use of chemical treatments applied at scheduled intervals through the year. But there can be serious reasons not to use chemical pest control around the home. Some people are allergic to certain chemicals, and exposure can trigger anaphylactic reactions that could be serious if not life-threatening. Then, for families, there is the issue of safety for little children and pets. No parent is willing to expose a baby or toddler to chemical agents doping the base of the foundation, and curious little children have a habit of getting exactly into those places where pesticides may have been laid down. Some people simply have environmental concerns against using artificial chemicals. In these cases, the option of Organic Pest Control becomes an attractive one.

A good professional exterminator made aware of green or safety concerns against the use of chemicals will design a termite control plan using natural substances along with a more rigorous inspection and reapplication routine. They also can implement rather basic, common-sense strategies which can prevent termites from finding a route under or into the house through which they can begin their infiltration. Even something as simple as raking back mulch to a distance of one foot from the foundation can prove effective in creating a more hostile environment for termites. And Organic Pest Control can be applied to a number of different pests besides termites that threaten to infest the home.

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