CNC Plastic Machining

CNC Plastic Machining

CNC plastic machining is a machining process that specifically focuses on the cutting and molding of plastic materials. Many manufacturers and businesses that make and sell plastic orientated products typically use this type of machining process. It is also used for making plastic parts for equipment and vehicles as well.

What is CNC Plastic Machining?

CNC plastic machining uses CAD and CAM programming to operate equipment that is designed to shape and cut plastic materials. Program information is entered into the machine and then the unit uses a variety of different tools to cut raw materials to shape.

Many plastic commercial products that are in use today have undergone some type CNC machining process. Again, this process is necessary for quickly producing parts and items for consumer consumption.

Raw Materials used for Plastic Machining

Plastic machining uses tools to cut nothing but plastic materials. These materials usually include polycarbonate, PVC, Teflon, fluoroplastics, nylon and vinyl. Plastic materials are not as hard as metal substances and they usually require more precision cutting to get the right shape and design.
Keep in mind that CNC machining processes cuts raw plastic materials in the form of sheets, rods, tubing & film. All of these materials are applied to a CNC machine and then shaped according to plan.

Machining Methods for Plastic Materials

CNC machining tools used to create parts and products include but are not limited to sawing, milling, drilling, turning and thread cutting. Plastic materials require tools and equipment that is able to produce parts that do not fracture, melt or have stress marks. Machinists have to ensure that the equipment can control factors such as speed, temperature and movement since all of these variables can impact the design and quality of an item that is being produced.

CNC plastic machining processes also require machinists to manufacture identical items for every product that is being produced. They need to program and calibrate their equipment to make shapes and cuts that are accurate. They have to be able to do this for every item that is being produced. This is not an easy thing to accomplish for most plastic materials since they have a softer construction than most metals.

Plastic machining can be used for soft or hard plastic product development. Some processes even use lasers for cutting and shaping applications as well. Machinists that specialize in plastics, such as Jifco Products Inc., can also create molds and plastic prototypes for other businesses or manufacturers.

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