Cleaning Your Motor Parts Right!

by | Jul 2, 2014 | Business & Investment

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When you sit down to give your old motor a good clean, you like to get the job done right. That satisfying feeling of a job well done can beat no other. When you take a step back to admire your motor, as if she was fresh off the line, the enormous feeling of pride fills you. However, sometimes you can’t shake the thought in the back of your head that even though you might have spent hours cleaning it, it’s just not perfect yet. You need to remember some key points to have it looking brand new.

Now here is some quick fundamental rules that every motor enthusiastic should follow, or always face a half-finished, imperfect job.

Unscrew everything!

When cleaning your motor, you really to remember it takes more than one part to make machinery, so therefore you can’t treat it like one part. A true enthusiast will take the motor apart, piece by piece to clean and oil them all, only then can you really know your motor is in good working order. Don’t be afraid of this process, if you’re not sure how, consult friends or a local mechanic. It really is worthwhile.

Clean, Clean, Clean!

Once you’ve made sure everything is in working order, no cracks or splints along any of the parts, next step is to clean them. Cleaning your motor parts can be a long process if done by hand, some people use grease cutting soaps and a stiff brush. This technique will work, although give imperfect results. It is also time consuming and uneconomical as the motor will have to be re-cleaned again very soon. A professional would strongly recommend to give your motor a good media blast, giving a new lease of life to your motor and guaranteeing it a long healthy life. Normally the best and easiest ways never go together, but by using the media blast technique you are getting the best of both worlds. It really is the easiest, fastest and the surest way to clean your motor.


Now a lot of motor enthusiasts will read lots about motors but never use what they’ve read. If you read about new motors, take in the information. It’s a lot cheaper to buy new parts and install them onto your motor than buy a whole new machine. Upgrading your own kit is always the enthusiast way, as mentioned in Rule 1, do not be afraid to try it yourself.

If you’re interested in trying a media blast for your motors please contact the specialists at OptiBlast. 4032-B N. Jackson, Jacksonville, TX 75766. Or reach us on (903) 589-0452. Alternatively why not visit us online at

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