Choosing the Right Wine to Serve With Dinner: How an Expert at a Local Wine Store Can Help

Choosing the Right Wine to Serve With Dinner: How an Expert at a Local Wine Store Can Help

A special occasion is coming up and the decision is made to host a formal dinner. While most of the menu is settled, there’s on decision that must be made. What wine would work best with the food selection? This is where the expertise of a professional at the Local Wine Store can provide some guidance. Here are some of the suggestions that go into making the right choice.

Light and Heavy Wines

Many people have heard references to the body of a wine, but are not sure what that means. As an expert at a Local Wine Store will explain, this refers to how the wine feels on the palate. Wines that have more tannins will be heavier and tend to be a good match for foods that are also heavier. For example, if the plan is to serve an entree like filet of sole, the recommendation would be to go with a lighter wine.

Red or White Wine

Conventional wisdom calls for matching red wines with red meats. White wines would be reserved for use with entrees like fish or chicken. In fact, many experts will urge buyers to rely more on what they happen to like and less on using this as a hard and fast rule. If a light red wine is what the buyer would prefer to serve with chicken, then the expert will help the client find a lighter red wine that will compliment the entree and the side dishes.

Have More Than One Offering

It never hurts to have more than one wine to offer the guests. Invest in enough bottles of two different wines so that there is plenty to go around even if everyone does prefer one over the other. Guests who prefer a light white wine with any type of meal will be happy while other guests who insist that a darker red wine is the only way to go with steak will also enjoy the meal.

Choosing wine for a formal dinner does not have to be difficult. Visit Towne Cellars Wines & Liquors Inc. and remember to bring along the menu. It won’t take long to discuss options in light of what is being served, the known preferences of the guests, and a few other factors. In no time at all, the buyer will be walking out with the perfect selections for the event. You can also connect them on Facebook for more updates.

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