Choosing the Right Pavement Striping Machine


If you are looking to purchase a pavement striping machine for business there are two different types that you can choose from: conventional and airless. A conventional pavement striping machine uses are while the airless machine does not. Since there is a very distinct difference between the two, let’s take a minute to go over what the differences are.

Conventional Pavement Striping Machine
The conventional striping machine is the one that uses air in order to perform. It consists of a 7 gallon paint pot, a small air compressor, as well as a small engine. The particular air compressor has the ability to feed air into 4 different places. One of these is fed into the paint pot. The second one is fed into the gun which is what makes the paint become a spray. The third one is put into a can that contains either paint thinner or water. Then this air pushes the water or paint thinner into a hose and down to the end of the gun. This is what cleans out the gun and prepares it for use. There are also two hoses that come out of the machine. One is for the air and the other one is for the paint.

Airless Pavement Striping Machine
The airless striping machine does not use air to operate. It is based around the user pushing the paint in hard enough that it is forced through a small hole and will be forced to come out as a spray. It works similarly to how a water hose would when you put your thumb over it. The Airless Pavement Striping Machine is a lighter option because they have no paint pot. A 5 gallon bucket comes with this machine but no air compressor is required. The paint is pumped hard into a 25 inch hose and through the gun. A motor, engine, gun, and a pump, that is all that comes with this machine.

Choose the One that is Right for Your Intended Usage
Both of these machines are effective in getting just about any pavement striping job done right. They both perform the same kind of tasks but one is much easier to use than the other. Deciding which one to use depends on the kind of job that is being performed. Reputable manufacturers will provide a wealth of information to help you make an informed decision on which machine to buy.

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