Choosing The Ideal Commercial Epoxy Floor Coating


Commercial properties can be used for many different types of operations. They can be storage facilities, warehouses, production facilities, manufacturing plants or even used in the automotive or aerospace industry.

Matching the Coating to the Property

Regardless of the type of commercial building, it is important to match the floor coating for the type of use. The different options in commercial epoxy floor coating from top manufacturers will each have specific qualities and characteristics that make them ideal for various types of applications and industries.

In general, any commercial epoxy floor coating is designed to apply directly on a concrete floor. This not only provides a better aesthetic to the building, but the flooring also serves safety purposes. Non-skid flooring is ideal in production operations and high traffic areas, while automobile garages and manufacturing facilities, as well as hangers for planes, can be improved through the use of durable, corrosion resistant coatings.

The Application Factor

It is important to choose a commercial epoxy floor coating that is a durable and long-lasting flooring option. Look for companies with a history of providing flooring options for the industry or type of commercial property you want to have coated.

Be sure to check the process for the application and how long it will take from prepping of the floor through to drying and curing. There are companies that make products that are designed to cure very quickly after application. This allows the entire process to be completed in one day, limiting any disruption and downtime.

It is also important to consider the prep work that will need to occur prior to the application. Generally, with most professional types of commercial epoxy coatings, surface prep is minimal, which is also a benefit that is well worth considering.

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