Choosing the best custom home builder St. Augustine has to offer

by | Jan 2, 2015 | Construction and Maintenance

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Your custom home will be your pride and joy and will be passed down to many generations. This is why it is important to take the time to build the home you have always wanted. You will need to search for the best custom home builder in St. Augustine area has to offer so you can be assured of the best results. When it comes to selecting the best builder it is helpful to be diligent and to take your time to locate the one that will provide you with the best possible results for your new home.

Where to start

You can browse builder catalogs to see what type of work they have done and you can also visit the model homes of builders to walk through them and see what they are like. When selecting the most appropriate custom home builder St. Augustine has, you will want to choose one who builds in the style that appeals to you. If you like Spanish hacienda style homes then this is the type of builder you should seek out. However if you prefer traditional Arts and Crafts homes, you should seek out a custom home builder St. Augustine professional who can build this type of home for you.

Getting estimates and quotes

Once you have narrowed down the style of home, you can get several quotes from different builders who construct in this style. They can provide you with either an upfront estimate which is a general price idea or a customized quote which is a specific listing of appliances and features and the price for labor plus materials. At this point it is necessary to see if there are any builder incentives being offered to sweeten the deal. With a wide array of different quotes and estimates, you can then narrow down your choice to one custom home builder St. Augustine service.

Do you need an architect?

Early on in the building process, you may be wondering if you need an architect in addition to the custom home builder St. Augustine professional. The truth is that unless you are constructing a very stylized home, an architect may not be necessary. Instead you simply need to find a custom home builder St. Augustine located who offers both design and build services. In this way you get both services wrapped up into one neat package.

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