Choosing an Urn: How A Professional at a Cremation Service Can Help

Choosing an Urn: How A Professional at a Cremation Service Can Help

The decision to be cremated rather than go with a traditional burial is a popular one. Along with paying for the cremation ahead of time and coming up with a plan for the memorial service, there’s the need to select an urn. Here are some of the questions to ask a local Cremation Service professional before making a choice.

Choosing an Urn That’s Big Enough

Cremation urns come in many sizes and designs. One concern some people have is whether or not a particular urn will hold all the ashes. A good rule of thumb is to allow around one cubic inch for each pound of body weight. If the individual weighs 190 pounds at the time of death, that means an urn with 200 cubic inches will hold all the ashes and leave a little room to spare.

Filling the Urn

Many people wonder how the ashes get into the urn. Depending on the plans made in advance, the ashes can be placed in a sealed bag. The bag is inserted directly into the urn the client purchased as part of the pre-planning. There is also the option of having a staff member at the funeral home open the bag and place the ashes directly into the urn before it’s sealed.

Understanding the Concept of Keepsake Urns

While spending some time on Facebook, ads for keepsake urns appeared. Since this is an item the individual has never heard of before, it makes sense to talk to a local service and get more information. When the idea is to scatter most of the ashes in a memorial garden or some other setting, keepsake urns may be used to retain a small amount of those ashes. The smaller urns can be distributed to spouses, children, and close friends. When some loved ones would derive more comfort from having a keepsake urn nearby, choosing this option is one way to helping people accept the death and move through the healing process.

Now is the time to make plans for what will eventually happen. Visit Soundchoicecremation.com today and learn more about the types of support offered by this Cremation Service. With a little help, it won’t take long to make the arrangements, pay for them in advance, and get back to the business of living.

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