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What Are the Different Types of Physical Therapy?

What Are the Different Types of Physical Therapy? Physical therapists are professionals who help people return to their normal lives after an injury, disease, or accident. There are a handful of different specializations that physical therapists may fall under, as well as the general physical therapist designator. If you are looking to benefit from physical therapy in Jacksonville, FL, knowing the types of specialists available may help you choose the right doctor. Orthopedic Physical Therapy This type of therapy has a focus on restoring function to the musculoskeletal system. This includes bones, tendons, joints, and ligaments. In many cases, sports injuries fall into this category. An orthopedic physical therapist might provide treatment including hot or cold packs, stretching, ultrasound, strength training, joint mobilization, endurance exercises, and electrical muscle stimulation. Geriatric Physical Therapy A geriatric physical therapist is one who works with older adults and their unique movement needs. Some of the conditions treated by geriatric physical therapy in Jacksonville, FL, include joint replacement, cancer, arthritis, osteoporosis, balance disorders, and Alzheimer’s disease. A geriatric therapist will work to help reduce pain, restore mobility, increase physical fitness, and accommodate any of a patient’s physical limitations. Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy This type of physical therapy has a focus on the pulmonary and cardiovascular system. They work with individuals who may suffer from pulmonary fibrosis, heart attacks, or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The things that a cardiopulmonary therapist focuses on are improving functional independence in patients and increasing their endurance. Neurological Physical Therapy This specialization focuses on neurological impairments and conditions, including brain injury, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease, stroke, and spinal cord injury. The goal of treatment with neurological physical therapy is to provide patients with the greatest chance for autonomous function and to live independently for as long as feasible. Some of the things that these professionals teach their patients are how to adapt to muscle loss, visual, mobility, and balance impairment in everyday living. Pediatric Physical Therapy Whereas geriatric physical therapy focuses on the elderly, pediatric focuses on toddlers, infants, children, and adolescents. They work to provide early detection of problems related to learning and movement. This type of physical therapy can be provided for many different injuries and diseases, such as birth defects, muscle diseases, acute injury, head trauma, genetic disorders, orthopedic disabilities, and more. For more information about physical therapy, feel free to contact Injury Care Centers. We would be happy to talk about your needs and work with you to find the help...

5 Fantastic Reasons to Get a Professional Massage

5 Fantastic Reasons to Get a Professional Massage Most of the time, when someone mentions getting a massage, it brings up the feeling of being pampered. The truth is that there are many reasons to consider a massage, many of which pertain to helping keep you in good health. Massage is a natural type of therapy that can alleviate many kinds of health concerns. If you aren’t convinced, read on. We’ll look at some of the top benefits of getting a massage at a massage parlor in Temple Hill, MD. Boost the Immune System One of the ways massage can help is through boosting your immune system. Massage makes your lymph system work better, which helps prevent waste buildup and harmful bacteria. Merely having a massage can help your lymph flow system moving and help your body stay in the best possible working order. In addition, massage can help drop stress, which often is a cause of illness. Increased Energy Levels If you want to try an entirely natural option for a pick me up, massage is the answer. Being massaged helps improve your circulation and can increase the level of oxygen in your blood. That means the circulatory system has an easier time moving nutrients through your body. It also provides you with relaxation, which helps you be more rested to take on the next day more efficiently. Relieve Depression & Anxiety So far, we’ve talked about your physical health, but massage can help your mental wellbeing, too. Some mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety, can be related to elevated cortisol levels. Massage helps lower these levels while increasing neurotransmitters known to help alleviate depression. Athletic Benefits An athlete might choose massage as a therapeutic practice where specific muscle systems are worked on. It’s not uncommon for quarterbacks, pitches, and boxers to have a massage both before and after a game. Massage is known to improve performance, promote flexibility, and help prevent injuries to the muscles. It also is perfect for relieving strains and lowered the recovery time from an injury. Stress Management Getting a massage can be incredibly relaxing and reducing stress can help with both your physical and mental health. By having a massage, endorphins are released which help calm you and make you feel more positive. For anyone who deals with stress on a regular basis, a massage might be just the ticket to ending that cycle. At Diamond Spa, we are a high-quality massage parlor in Temple Hill, MD. We...

Visit an Experienced Podiatrist in Racine, WI

Visit an Experienced Podiatrist in Racine, WI When you have problems with your feet, it can make many aspects of your life more difficult. Simply working your job can become a very arduous task when standing on your feet causes significant pain. Foot issues such as this are actually fairly common but this doesn’t mean that they aren’t serious. In order to maintain your quality of life, it’s important that you take good care of your feet. People turn to the professional help of a podiatrist when they have extreme foot pain. Whether you consider your foot issues to be minor or major, it’s important that you go see the right doctor as soon as possible. Getting the medical attention you need will allow you to manage your pain symptoms. Oftentimes, it winds up being the case that you can alleviate many of your issues by taking certain actions. Seeking a Doctor In order to get your foot issues handled, it is recommended that you find a podiatrist as soon as you can. They have the knowledge necessary to look at your feet and assess what your problems are. Doctors such as this deal with people’s foot issues on a daily basis so they know what to look for when determining the causes of your pain. You can rely on these doctors to come up with the best treatment plans possible no matter what issues you may have. When you are ready to seek treatment for your foot pain, you need to contact a podiatrist in Racine, WI. They will be able to help you get to the bottom of your issues. You’ll feel so much better once you have begun treatment and it’s likely that you’ll be able to work much more effectively. Following the advice of your doctor will put you in the best position to manage any foot problems. Visit the Clinic Visit us at Familyfootclinics.com today. You can find more information about how expert doctors are available to assist you with your foot pain. When you work together with a skilled professional, it is possible to take control of your life back from debilitating foot conditions. It won’t take long to make significant progress in helping your symptoms to feel more manageable. Be the first to like. Like...

Three Benefits Of Visiting A Massage Therapist In Auburn WA

Three Benefits Of Visiting A Massage Therapist In Auburn WA Individuals who are frequently in pain and those who have anxieties can often get relief through massage therapy. This treatment is performed by trained professionals who use their hands to manipulate soft tissues and muscles in the body. By reading the information below, individuals can learn three important benefits of visiting a Massage Therapist in Auburn WA. Alleviate Muscle Pain Many individuals experience pain in one or more areas of their body on a daily basis. Back pain, neck pain, and headaches are three common issues that prevent countless individuals from performing daily activities. Pain is also a common symptom of various medical issues, such as arthritis, fibromyalgia, and joint conditions. Therapeutic massage helps to ease the pain by loosening tight muscles that press against nerves in the body. Massage also reduces the function of inflammatory cytokines, which are proteins that cause pain and inflammation. Additionally, massage heightens the production of mitochondria, which aids in the healing of muscles. Ease Anxieties Individuals who visit a professional massage therapist have reduced anxieties due to the relaxing nature of this treatment. Serotonin is a mood-enhancing chemical in the brain and, during a massage, the brain produces an increased amount of this substance. When individuals are in a relaxed mode during a massage, their blood pressure drops, their breathing becomes slower, and their muscles loosen up. All of these factors ease a person’s anxieties and reduce their stress levels. Strengthen Immune System Individuals who have less stress in their lives generally have a healthier immune system, which helps to minimize sicknesses. Since massage therapy reduces a person’s stress, it’s also boosting their immune system. During a massage, the cells in a person’s body that naturally fight dangerous pathogens and infectious bacteria are amplified. Additionally, a person’s white blood cells, also known as lymphocytes, multiply during a treatment from a certified Massage Therapist in Auburn WA. These white blood cells also help safeguard the body from viruses and diseases. Individuals in Auburn who want to enjoy the benefits of massage therapy can visit Pearson Chiropractic & Rehabilitation Center. This facility provides various therapeutic services including chiropractic adjustment, therapeutic massage, and traction. Be the first to like. Like...

What to Expect from a Nursing Home

What to Expect from a Nursing Home When choosing from the many nursing homes in Bethesda, you want to be sure your loved one is cared for at all times by professionals. Anything less than that can be dangerous to the person who will be staying there. That’s why it’s important to look for a number of things to ensure you get a high-quality home for your loved one. We’ll look at some of these below. Terms and Costs The exact conditions of a contract for a nursing home can be complicated and hard to understand. Any professional home should be able to explain all terms and costs. You will want to know what the monthly costs are and what those include. If the resident has insurance or Medicaid, you’ll want to be sure that is taken by the facility. If you feel pressured to sign, that can be a red flag. Appropriate Staffing In most cases where there is nursing home neglect, there are two causes. The first is having poor communication between the members of the staff. The second is the facility itself being understaffed. Find out who is on duty at any one time, day or night. Determine whether doctors are notified any time a medical test is required. These can give you an idea of whether the home is one you want to choose. Responsive to Questions The nursing homes in Bethesda may have many patients, visitors, and staff every day. However, there should always be someone around who can provide you information when it is needed. Having proper communication is important in getting the best care you can. Make sure you make use of that both while choosing a facility and after doing so. Quick Disclosure It’s likely that at some point in time, your loved one will have some kind of medical issue. You should always be notified quickly if this happens. The facility that you don’t want to be involved with is the one that tries to cover up a problem or who doesn’t notify you as soon as possible. Other Options Available At Capital City Nurses, we provide personal homecare, healthcare, and assisted living options. We understand choosing someone to care for your loved one can be difficult and work to make the process a bit easier. If you are interested in learning more about us, you can reach us by phone at 866-807-7307. Be the first to like. Like...

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