Car Accident Victim? When to Contact a Lawyer in Granite City IL 62040


Driving on the roads is not always a safe endeavor. While you may do your best to follow the traffic laws and drive safely, other drivers may not be as considerate. When an accident happens, it is important to know what to do so you can ensure your vehicle is repaired and your medical bills are paid in a timely manner. The first thing you should do is contact the police. If you think you or your passengers may need medical treatment, go to the hospital. After the police have taken the report and you get any medical treatment you need, contact a Lawyer Granite City IL 62040 residents count on to handle their car accident cases.

Consulting with an attorney doesn’t mean you have to sue anyone. However, a lawyer who focuses on personal injury cases can explain your rights and give you advice about how to most effectively deal with your situation. Most attorneys do not charge a fee for their initial consultation and don’t charge clients who decide to hire them unless they are able to get a settlement from the negligent driver or their insurance company. You really have nothing to lose by talking to a lawyer about your case. Simply call a Lawyer accident victims have been trusting for years, such as Brunton Law Offices Granite City IL 62040, and find out what you need to know to settle your claim.

Some auto accidents are a lot more complicated than others. In cases where a driver or passenger was seriously injured, where the other driver was intoxicated and caused severe injuries or death to their own passenger or another driver and those where a pedestrian was involved, a lawyer should always be consulted before a victim talks to the other insurance company. Situations like these require the negotiation skills of an experienced personal injury lawyer. Before you speak with the claims adjuster, speak with a Lawyer Granite City IL 62040 drivers turn to when they have been in an accident and need a competent legal team to help them get the money they need to recover from the accident.


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