Call Today For Septic Repair In Olympia, WA Before The Problem Gets Worse


A small septic system problem can quickly develop into a costly repair if not detected and corrected early. A clog in the lines or an overflowing septic system will severely affect a home or business. Septic Repair in Olympia WA covers septic tank cleaning, inspections, leach field repair, and removing clogs in the main lines.

When a septic tank isn’t pumped, the solids will drain into the leach field and cause a further backup. The pipes in the leach field will not be able to properly drain and will create puddles and wet spots in a yard. In addition, the sewer smell around the leach field will become very noticeable.

Septic System Problems

Excessive amounts of water entering a septic system will cause damage. It’s recommended that a homeowner space their laundry out over several days instead of flooding the system with water all at once. Flooding the system could cause the alarm to be activated and wear out the pump switch.
Pump switches on timers can only pump out a limited amount of water during the chosen time. In addition, it will flood the drain field.


A common problem with a slow-draining toilet or sink could be a clogged baffle. The outlet filter or the main line might need to have jetting performed to clean the waste out.

Drain Field Restoration

Another area of Septic Repair in Olympia WA is drain field restoration. When a septic system is not operating effectively, the entire system can usually be restored when the drain field is returned to its original condition. Jetting each lateral pipe and installing a clean-out access will improve the effectiveness of a septic system.

Pumping A Septic Tank

There is no specific rule about how often a septic tank should be pumped. The frequency will depend on the size of the tank and the number of individuals living in the home. When there are several people living in a home, the tank will need to be pumped more frequently.

If you have a foul smell in your home or the toilets are flushing slowly, the septic system needs to be inspected. If you are selling your home, an inspection of the septic system will let you know what needs to be completed before the home is sold.

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