Call an HVAC Contractor if You Need Cleaner Air in Your Home

by | Aug 26, 2014 | Heating and Air Conditioning

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If anyone in your family is having a tough time breathing even though your home is equipped with an air purifier, it could be the duct work. If you have never seen photos of what gets trapped inside duct work, you’re in for a surprise. There is everything from dust, dirt, pet and human hair, particles of skin, bacteria and even outside pollution inside the ducts. Service 1 Heating & AC Inc. will clean them for you and your loved one will breathe much easier. It’s also possible you may need a new air purifier if the problem is not in the duct work.


When you call a HVAC contractor out to your home for a system cleaning, they’re going to check everything to make sure the furnace and air conditioning are both working properly. They’ll measure your home to see if your equipment is able to heat and cool the home or if it’s too small a system to do the job. They’ll talk to you about how you can save energy by having your system inspected, cleaned and repaired regularly. Any machinery that’s working the way it should be is going to use less electricity and fuel.


If the company you call finds that your furnace or air conditioner is beyond repair, they’ll show you how one of their brand name systems will offset the price of a new installation by saving money on utilities. In the end, you’ll have the best of the best. Units that save on the amount of energy usage, plus, extra comfort for the family by having a system especially built for your home space and needs, and one that cuts down on allergies by putting out clean heated or cooled air.


Click on their ‘Healthier Home’ link where you can get a true picture of exactly what your home needs for certain pollutants. Homes can be overcome with odors, molds, cigarette smoke or bacteria. It may need fresh air ventilation or an air filtration system installed. For molds, you can have ultra-violet germicidal lights installed to keep the mold under control. Check out a nearby HVAC contractor and their company website to find special offers or discounts and click the ‘contact us’ link to leave your information so they can call you back.

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