Cabo ATV Tours for Families and Couples


Cabo ATV tours are a great way to make your trip to Mexico memorable and exciting. How would you like to travel through narrow riverbeds, cross beautiful deserts, and discover remote beaches? Surprise your family or partner with a thrilling ride across the desert to an exotic beach on a two person ATV. Imagine smelling the salty ocean air and the warm ocean breeze while your tour guide leads you into the undeveloped lands of Mexico. Tours are a safe way to experience the area, learn about the history and not get lost!

The Thrill of a Lifetime

Cabo ATV Tours are great for the whole family because they are both interesting and educational yet not boring for the kids, who can get very impatient on walking tours in Mexico and ruin your fun. However, on Cabo ATV tours, they will love the adventure, and the pace will keep them entertained. Horses are fun, but an ATV won’t throw you off. And if you’re a little shy to try horses, why not go with an automatic ATV with hydraulic brakes?

Cabo ATV tours are great for couples because the romantic and dramatic scenery is memorable, and you can cuddle up with your partner on a two-person ATV. These tours are the perfect combination for adventure seekers that like to drive off road, and you will feel more connected to the area you’re visiting by learning from the experienced guide. You can find tour times all throughout the day to fit your schedule. You can also find fun packages that will include a boat ride along with the ATV tour.

Safety First

Don’t worry mom, Cabo ATV Tours do not spell danger. You can choose safety-conscious ATV companies with on-site paramedics. You do not have to put your loved ones at risk. You can also find ATV’s that are made for two people, which makes it easier to bring the whole family and stay safely on the vehicle. Make sure to find a company that provides helmets, goggles and safety instructions before you begin your ride! Even if you have never been on an ATV, it is easy to learn, and you won’t have to worry about shifting gears because you can find automatic ATV’s with hand throttles. Experienced tour guides know how to walk first time users through all the necessary do’s and don’ts of ATV riding.

You will be able to check out breathtaking beaches like Migrino or Candelaria on your ATV tour. Imagine how fun and exhilarating it will be racing through the desert of Mexico on an ATV. If you’re an ATV enthusiast, you can even find a five-hour ride on the trails used for the real Baja 1000 race! Be sure to call and book your tour ahead of time, if possible, so you do not miss out on this adventure of a lifetime.

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