Brake Service in Indianapolis IN Helps Get Cars Ready for Winter Driving


Most auto enthusiasts know that it’s the heat and friction that most quickly wear down a car’s brakes. It would seem that cold weather would be beneficial for brakes, but that’s not always the case. In fact, colder weather, and in particular the snow and ice that often come with it, can lead to more problems than hot summer temperatures. There are a few rather simple reasons that this is the case. Pete’s Service Center offers Brake Service in Indianapolis IN to help get brakes back in good shape for winter driving.

Cold weather impacts a car’s brakes is several different ways. Specifically, the brake pads and rotors feel the effects of ice and snow. It’s been shown that brakes often become hotter on in cold and wet conditions because the moisture lubricates them, requiring more brake pressure to stop the car than is needed on a warmer and dry day. The constant added pressure on the rotors and pads wears them down more quickly. The brake fluid that helps decrease the wear on the brakes can also be impacted by moisture that can freeze in the brake line on cold days, causing the brakes to work less effectively as well. All of these conditions can lead to the brakes needing more distance to slow or stop the car, leading to an increased chance for accidents.

The best way to ensure that brakes will work as needed during cold weather is to keep them in good condition throughout the year. Brake fluid in particular should be regularly checked to make sure moisture isn’t getting into the line. The brake pads and rotors also should be inspected regularly, ideally twice a year. Keeping these components of the braking system in good shape will help drivers be sure that their cars will slow or stop when needed in wet, ice or snowy conditions.

Pete’s Service Center offers Brake Service in Indianapolis for all components of a car’s brake system, including pads, rotors, drums, and calipers. In addition, engine and transmission problems, tire replacement, regular maintenance and classic car restoration and repair are available. Call us for complete brake service and other car care needs.

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