Boost Your Promotion With A Logo Umbrella


Are you looking to increase the marketing for your business? Or are you having a business event that could use additional promotion? Try catching everybody’s eye with a logo umbrella! These attractive umbrellas can help spread your brand name, catch phrase or logo.

The Perks Of A Logo Umbrella

Logo umbrellas can be made in several colors to fit your company colors or theme. Colors offered include hunter green, navy blue, royal blue, red, white, black and more! You also have the option of multi-colored umbrellas if a single color is too plain for your taste. Next, you get to add your company logo, brand name or catch phrase on the umbrella to personalize it. The design can be in any of the colors mentioned above and can vary in size. Make sure everyone can see where the umbrella came from! You can continue to customize your advertising product with more designs including animal print, sunflower print and floral print.

To satisfy every company’s diverse base, the logo umbrella can come in different sizes and styles. You can choose from folding umbrellas, golf umbrellas, beach umbrellas or rain umbrellas. Folding umbrellas are popular because they are perfect for keeping the sun out and fold down to a convenient size of 9.5 inches that can easily fit in a backpack or be carried. Golf umbrellas are a bit larger than folding umbrellas and come with a vented canopy and durable materials such as a steel or fiberglass shaft and a plastic or wooden handle. Beach umbrellas are even larger than golf umbrellas and are perfect for outdoor events. They include a lacquered six-foot pole, a broad arc and the ability to tilt so you can keep the sun out. Lastly, rain umbrellas are your generic, popular umbrellas.

Logo Umbrellas Are Perfect For Any Setting

A customizable logo umbrella can be used in a couple settings. If you are hosting an event, this product can be especially attractive. Post you logo all over the umbrella and hand them out at your event, or enter them into your raffle! Even if you’re not having an event, buy logo umbrellas in bulk to hand out or sell at the office to increase your marketing presence.

Make sure to check out all the options offered for a logo umbrella today. With all the different sizes, colors and styles available, they can really add some flare to your next company event or around the office.

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