Body Piercing in Miami Salons is Creating a Sensation

by | Dec 30, 2014 | Arts and Entertainment

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While it is easy to obtain a tattoo at any of the Miami’s tattoo shops, it is not always so simple to walk inside a shop that features such offerings as permanent makeup or body piercing in Miami. Body piercing can entail piercing the nose, the ears, the side of the brow or the belly button. While tattoos, to some people, seem rebellious, others believe body piercing is rather radical, too. Therefore, the two activities either complement one another or create a common bond.


Body Piercing – A Popular Choice of Both Women and Men
Body piercing in Miami, like tattooing, is a popular expression among women and men. Just like it sounds, body piercing entails using a needle to puncture or pierce a specific site on the body. The most popular use of body piercing extends to the nostrils, ears and navel. Sanitization is essential, as is the use of an autoclave


The Five Major Steps Used in Body Piercing
Provided sanitary and clean methods are followed, body piercing in Miami includes the following five steps:


• The area that is to be pierced (with the exception of the tongue), is first cleaned and washed with a germicidal soap.
• The skin is punctured with an extremely sharp and clean needle.
• The body piercing jewelry, which has been sanitized, is affixed to the piercing site.
• After the needle is used for piercing, it is disposed of in a special container to prevent any blood from coming into contact with another person.
• The pierced area is then cleaned.


A Teen-inspired Look
Body piercing at Salvation Tattoo Lounge in Miami is a highlighted activity, along with, of course, creating tattoos. Customers can also enhance their look with permanent makeup. While the ears continue to be the oft-most part of the body that is pierced, other areas are also open for further piercing or puncturing. Much of the body piercing in Miami is chosen by teens who want to form some level of self-identity.


Other Body-pierced Parts
One less-used form of body piercing is nipple piercing, which was once practiced by Native American men. Nipple piercing was also practiced by women in the Victorian Era. Another area which makes use of body piercing is the tongue. Elayne Angel, a master piercer, had been credited with introducing the practice to the U.S. The piercing of the eyebrow first began in 1970.


A Bit Outside the Box
So, in terms of adornment, body piercing is just as “outside the box” as tattooing. Both activities just represent different forms of expression. While body piercing is more aesthetic, tattooing is more artistic, both of which combine to create an interesting look. Again, the services are featured at the Salvation Tattoo Lounge along with permanent makeup application. Express yourself creatively and aesthetically with tattooing and body piercing. Anyone who is individualistic by nature will appreciate these forms of adornment and art.

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