BMW Tips: When to Replace Your Tires

by | Sep 23, 2014 | Automotive

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Have you ever had a favorite pair of shoes that you wore so often that the soles wore down? Odds are, those shoes are now tattered and full of holes. Your car tires are sort of like shoes for your car; they are constantly exposed to the wear and tear that takes place on the road. They also bear the entirety of your car’s weight. When your car tires need changed you can rest assured that it is not a sign of poor driving or preventable harm; tires have a natural limited lifespan. Your car tires will only last so long before they fail – this is a simple fact of the life we live in the 21st century. Until the inventors invent hover cars, people will continue checking and replacing tires indefinitely. Therefore, it is important to know how to stay aware of your car’s tire condition so that you can make “the change” when time is up.

A Matter of Safety
The unfortunate truth about worn out tires is that they will eventually “quit.” They will get so worn that they will blow a hole or simply stop going. In the stages leading up to blow outs, tires become so smooth that there is little traction for the driver. This poses a safety threat to drivers and passengers alike. Buying a set of tires is a relatively small price to pay in exchange for the safety of yourself and others on the road. If you are concerned about the financial investment involved with purchasing new tires, try searching for discounted tires. It can be difficult to find BMW wheels for sale; however, finding discounted tires is a far simpler and more attainable “fix.” If you do not have the money to take your car to a mechanic for its checkup, you can still make do by utilizing a few of the tips below.

The 1/16 Inch Rule
Professional mechanics know that a tire’s tread should never be less than 1/16 of an inch deep. Those who live in rainy environments may be far safer with an even thicker amount of tread. Mechanics use guages to precisely measure the tread on any given tire; however, the “average Joe” can easily assess a tire’s tread by using a very unlikely tool. In fact, this tool will cost you only one cent: the penny. Simply take a penny and place it into the tread of your tire. President Lincoln’s head should be facing the tread as if he were upside down. If his entire head remains visible after you have shoved the penny into the tire as far as possible, then it is definitely time to invest in some new tires. Drive to a nearby provider of automobile goods and services and inquire about quality tires. Remember to browse the BMW wheels for sale so that you can better understand how a certain tire will look on your own wheels.

Tread Indicator
If your tires are relatively modern, then they may already have a built in tread indicator. In this case, put your penny back into your pocket and simply observe the tread on your tire. Tread indicators are shaped like bars and are built directly into the body of the tire. As your tire wears down over time, a small line or two will begin to emerge. If the bars appear on all of your tires, there is no need to panic and search for BMW wheels for sale. You can simply replace the tires. Carefully begin budgeting for an upcoming purchase; it is time to hunt down a set of new tires.

If any of these indicators alert you that you need a new set of tires, arrange a visit to a nearby mechanic as quickly as you can. You will later appreciate the increased safety and improved handling that accompany a new set of tires.

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