Beverage Carbonization: Getting The Fizz Right

Beverage Carbonization: Getting The Fizz Right

For some people, it is all about the fizz. They do not want to drink a flat beverage. They want that full mouth taste. This is true whether the drink of choice is a soda or a beer. For them, beverage carbonation is important. For a beverage production company, it becomes essential they get it right the first, and all subsequent times.

It’s All About the Fizz

Some of today’s favorite brands of soda have been around for more than a century. An entire range of popular flavors and brand name sodas originated, in America, between 1860 and 1900. Over the years, technology has improved the ability of companies to produce and reproduce these originals with a consistency formerly lacking. This is a factor in any beverage company’s success.

Yet, while color and clarity are important in producing the right soda for the public, consistency of carbonization is equally if not more vital. It is all about making certain the carbonator provides the exact amount of fizz for a soda, champagne or beer. Too much and the mouth taste seems bitter. Too little and the drink is flat and not worth trying again. Customers can be lost and sales decrease if even one batch fails to achieve its goal of the “perfect fizziness.”

Beverage Carbonization Technology

While older systems remain, companies currently prefer to utilize automated systems. The best ones monitor and regulate the oxygen levels in the product at various stages of its production. They include deaerators units, which remove any excess oxygen efficiently and effectively. Blenders perform their mixing techniques in tanks or as part of a sophisticated inline system. What is becoming very popular is an inline carbonation system.

Inline carbonation systems are automated. They are also excellent tools to ensure the beverage receives the right amount of CO2. These systems are precise. They enhance any CO2 levels existing within a product e.g. beer, they then enhance it to the required levels. By regulating the carbonization process, such inline systems:

  • Provide a consistency in the levels of CO2
  • Prevent over carbonization
  • Stop foaming bottle and cans overflow
  • Ensure there is no under-carbonization with its flat and bland taste

Beverage Carbonization: Responsible for Getting the Fizz Right

Technology is one way companies have of ensuring their product tastes and looks great. By choosing the right equipment, companies are more capable of providing their clients with what they want consistently. Finding beverage carbonization system which helps a company give its customers the fizz and mouth feel they want every single time.

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