Benefits Offered by Basement Waterproofing in Lancaster

Benefits Offered by Basement Waterproofing in Lancaster

When a person thinks about owning a home and various home improvement projects they can take on, chances are Basement Waterproofing in Lancaster is not at the top of the list. While this is not a particular glamorous project, neither is having a wet and moldy basement. There are a number of benefits offered by professional crawl space and basement waterproofing, which are highlighted here.

Increase Usable Space and Home Value

The majority of people do not think of their basement is much more than a musty area to store some junk and take care of dirty laundry. However, this is simply the wrong way to look at this space. If a homeowner considers the basement from a square footage viewpoint, the basement will account for an entire floor. For the majority of people, that is either a third or a half of their entire home. If the basement is not being utilized, then it is just wasted space. However, in order to utilize it to its full potential, it has to be waterproofed.

Reduce Total Home Energy Costs

In many cases, Basement Waterproofing in Lancaster may actually help to reduce energy costs. When old cracks are sealed, it can increase the energy efficiency of the space by preventing the cold air from entering during the fall or winter season. Also, when the weather is wet and warm, no water seepage will be able to come into the basement space.

Avoid Health Risks

Areas that are excessively humid or exposed to moisture regularly can result in the growth of toxic mold. However, it can be surprising to learn how quickly this can actually happen. Under the right type of conditions, toxic types of black mold can develop in just 24 to 48 hours. Waterproofing will help to eliminate the potential for this growth.

For more information about basement waterproofing and the many benefits it offers contact Keystone Foundation Repair Maryland. Here homeowners can learn about why this is so important. Taking the initiative to have this type of home improvement completed will pay off and help the basement be a livable, usable piece of the home.

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