Benefits of Sewer Cleaning in Philadelphia

Benefits of Sewer Cleaning in Philadelphia

When drains begin to back up in a home, there could be a large problem. Arranging for Sewer Cleaning in Philadelphia will restore normal drainage or provide a replacement sewer or drain line if necessary. Today, companies that specialize in this service utilize state of the art video inspection equipment which allows the plumber to pinpoint the exact source of the backup. Problems can stem from tree roots, build-up, and even grease. There is no doubt about it; a sewage backup can disrupt a household, but also poses health hazards and can damage property. Consider these tips for avoiding a sewage backup.

Keep Drains Clean

Backups in the sewer lines are often the result of major clogs in the plumbing system. Homeowners can prevent clogs by keeping drains clean. In addition to professional drain cleaning appointments, make sure that everyone in the household knows what can and can’t go down the drain. It is a good idea to even remind guests of this. For example, oil, feminine hygiene products, and other solid materials should be disposed of in the regular trash instead of being flushed.


Tree roots can damage the underground pipes. They can grow around the pipes and eventually crush them. They are also able to grow into the pipes, creating holes and damage. When planting trees, make sure they are not near the plumbing. If the trees already existed when the home was purchased, it might be advisable to have them removed.

Backwater Valve

When sewage does back up in a home, it finds the lowest entry point. That is usually in the basement. A plumber can install a backwater valve to offer protection. This pipe connects to the sewer line and is installed at an exit point from the structure. Some even opt to leave toilets and sinks out of a basement to catch sewer backups before they become a major problem.

The most important thing a homeowner can do for prevention is to schedule regular drain cleanings. Arrange regular Sewer Cleaning in Philadelphia to have one less worry. Visit us for additional information or to schedule an appointment.

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