Benefits of Selling Antique Furniture Using a Consignment Store

Benefits of Selling Antique Furniture Using a Consignment Store

If you are looking to unload your antiques and are concerned that you won’t

a) Know how much money to sell them for,

b) Be able to get the price you are hoping for,

c) Have to hold onto the antiques for ages, waiting for them to sell…

you might want to consider selling via a consignment store. A consignment store can help you unload an item now, having it stored and displayed until it’s sold without paying storage fees. In the right retail environment and with the right sales approach, you could have a greater chance of it selling and for a price you’re more likely to be pleased with.

Consignment Store Benefits:

There are quite a few benefits to selling your furniture through a consignment store.

1. You can get a good idea of the value. Consignment shops tend to deal regularly with antiques and can give you a better idea of the value, so you don’t overprice it or list it at a price far lower than its worth.

2. You and the shop can agree on pricing structures, helping you avoid dealing with ‘hagglers’ via online classified sites or auction sites.

3. The consignment shop can bring the item to their store, to put on display for their customers. You benefit from having the item taken off your hands, freeing up space.

4. When the item sells, you get your money. If it doesn’t sell within an agreed upon amount of time, you can review your options.

While you’ll be sharing the profit with the shop due to their assistance in helping you sell the item, you’ll gain the benefit of unloading furniture that’s taking up space without having to pay storage fees. You’ll also get the help of someone else who actively works on selling the item, only gaining financial benefit if it actually sells.

In addition to selling antique furniture through a consignment store, you could also sell jewelry, vintage clothing, art, and other valuable items.

The Perfect Find is a consignment store at https://www.theperfectfindconsignment.com with a Locust Valley, NY location. Call (516)-200-5550 for an appointment to have the items you wish to sell looked at. You can also visit them on Facebook.

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