Benefits of Locking Fuel Caps

Benefits of Locking Fuel Caps

It is more than likely you have never given fuel caps a second thought, but the fact is that fuel caps provide valuable functions beyond keeping water out of your fuel tank in the rain. Although they are often referred to as “gas caps,” the proper term for the equipment is fuel cap as vehicles run on many different types of fuel today, not just gasoline. Like the tamper-proof top on a pill bottle or a spill-proof top on a child’s cup, locking fuel caps can be the most beneficial parts of your car.


The most important feature of a locking cap is that it protects you from theft. Locking caps prevent thieves from stealing fuel from your vehicle and can also prevent someone from tampering with the fuel as well. Unlike fuel caps that can be unlocked with a lever inside your vehicle, a locking cap requires a key in order to open the cap, adding an extra layer of security to your vehicle.

Fuel Efficiency

According to Sun Oil Company research, a missing or loose fuel cap allows as much as 22 gallons of gasoline to evaporate over one year. In addition, a fuel cap that does not fit properly can cause your engine to work improperly which may lead to additional costs for repairs and maintenance.

Ease of Replacement

The fuel cap is probably one of the easiest items on your vehicle to replace. Choose one that matches your vehicle make, model and year to be sure that it fits properly. There are several different options available, including caps that require a key to open and others that have digital combination locks. You simply remove your old lock, connect the new lock to the retention ring that attaches it to the vehicle, if there is one, and tighten into place.

If you want to be sure that your fuel is protected and that you are getting the most economy out of your vehicle, consider installing locking fuel caps. Learn more about locking caps by visiting www.motoradusa.com.

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