Benefits of Hiring a Social Security Attorney in Chico CA


If you have become disabled and you are incapable of working for a living, you will be eligible for Social Security Disability Benefits. However, Most Social Security Disability claims are rejected at the initial level, which makes it imperative to hire someone who is well versed in Social Security Disability law, which may save you from having to file for an appeal. A disability attorney will guide you in making timely and proper submission of all the necessary documents that are needed in your initial claim, which will improve your chance of having your claim approved at the initial stage. Besides, your attorney will ensure that your application is complete, accurate and properly formatted which will expedite your case. Here are more reasons why it is essential to hire a Social Security attorney in Chico CA.

Knowledge and experience

A disability attorney will have an in-depth knowledge of the prevailing Social Security Disability rules in addition to being competent in applying them, getting you a favorable outcome. The attorney will also be familiar with the adjudication process, as well as with administrative law judges who normally conduct the hearings. This will make the task of representing you easier and the attorney will know how to display your case in the most favorable light. Besides, keeping up with all the requirements for your claim can be approved can be extremely challenging, especially because you will also need to keep going for your medical appointments.

Assistance with your appeal

If your claim is denied at the initial level, you will have to appeal. In such a case, it will be comforting to have someone who will help you with adequate preparation for the hearing. The attorney will also do most of the work on your behalf, including securing affidavits, arranging witnesses, cross-examining witnesses, and helping you in answering questions put to you.

Getting social security benefits will go a long way in paying for your medical treatment and home care needs. It is therefore essential that you hire a seasoned Social Security Attorney in Chico CA to represent your interests. Contact Brooks and Brooks Attorneys at Law. They provide competent representation in family law, social security disability, workers compensation and divorce/mediation.

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