Bend Stiffener – Features and Benefits

Bend Stiffener – Features and Benefits

Using a bend stiffener in subsea operations enhances the local stiffness of umbilicals and cables where they attached to a rigid structure – the effect is to inhibit excessive curvature and bending stresses.

A proprietary bend stiffener latcher (BSL) can safely attach a dynamic umbilical to a standard or existing flange without the need for divers or adjusting the i-tube. The arrangement can provide significant cost savings as well. A single ROV can simply disengage or engage the locking mechanism, which by itself results in substantial savings.

Deep Water BSL Operation

When operating in ultra-deep waters of the sea, a proprietary BSL from a particular subsea manufacturing company, due to its engineering and construction, has the capability to withstand tremendous load transfers associated with bending moments as high as 350,000 ft-lbs. The engagement of the mating bell mouth with the bend limiter allows for the BSL to accommodate bend stiffeners in back of the male stab. The ROV is able to release the armor pot after the BSL is latched which enables the umbilical and bullnose to be drawn upward through the existing i-tube length and positioned on the topside hang off flange.

The BSL inhibits potential damage during tell out operations due to the fact that there is no protrusion under the hall and no kink point between the bullnose and the bend stiffener – this accrues to substantial savings as a result of the protection provided to the equipment.


Some key features of the BSL include:

* Solitary ROV engagement
* Bending moment is shared through solo screw operated retractable dogs
* Locking mechanism with quick release
* Numerous dogs permit 50 percent attachment while identified as latched


Some important benefits provided by the BSL include:

* Manufactured for any size specification
* No need for divers at any stage of the project
* Precision pull-ins require no bell mouths
* End of the i-tube only requires a standard flange
* Can handle rising cyclic loads and bending moments in ultra deepwater
* With no assembly protrusion under the hull, possible damage during tow out is prevented
* More compactness and higher strength through the J-Bellis insert attached to the split flange groove using rigid dogs
* No kink point present between bull-nose and bend stiffener

Contact an experienced subsea manufacturing or engineering firm to find out how you can benefit from the application of bend stiffeners with your subsea deep underwater projects.

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