Becoming Accustomed To New Dentures


Many people who are experiencing wearing dentures for the first time find it to be a real challenge. No matter how well your dentures have been made, they are still a foreign object in your mouth; dentures will never duplicate the feel or function of natural teeth, wearing dentures in Bloomington is a whole new sensation that will take time to become accustomed to.

   * It takes time, will power and patience:

When you first wear dentures they will feel “bulky” and quite strange, you will get the impression that your mouth is full and your lips and cheeks are pouty. This is only natural and with time these sensations will ebb. There is nothing you can do except be patient and exercise your will power.

   * Other issues:

Once again, because your new denture is something you have never had to deal with you probably will experience a bit of trouble in forming words. You may slur your speech, feel as if you are gagging, salivate more than usual and have trouble identifying certain tastes. Once again, all of these sensations disappear with time.

   * Learning to chew:

You may get the impression that your dentures are going to slip when you chew. Try starting with soft food, over time work your way back to your normal diet. Learn how to chew with equal pressure on both sides of your denture. Avoid biting with your front teeth, your denture will rock and become dislodged.

   * The challenges of lower dentures:

Upper dentures are held in place by suction, lower dentures are not, they float on your lower gums. Lower dentures take a little longer to master; your dentist will no doubt recommend that you employ a dental adhesive.

When you first get dentures in Bloomingdale you should try wearing them at all times, you will find that when you wear them around the clock you adapt to them much quicker. Once you become accustomed to them there is very little that you can’t do with your teeth.

The better your dentures in Bloomingdale are made the faster you will become accustomed to wearing them. You are invited to discuss your dental issues with the professionals at Pure Dental Spa online at

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