Basic Instructions For A Basement Leak Repair In Washington DC

Basic Instructions For A Basement Leak Repair In Washington DC

Older homes that have not been maintained and that are located in a tropical climate are prone to structural damage if land floods and water seeps into a basement. Concrete can crack or chip from the interior walls, weakening the foundation of a home. After purchasing a home, taking the time to have the structure inspected, repairing concrete and applying a waterproof barrier to interior walls will prevent costly repairs.

Inspect The Exterior And Interior

Inspecting a home’s exterior and interior will help a homeowner locate minor problems that can be repaired with some basic materials. The inside of a gutter system and downspout attachment should be rinsed out. If debris is stuck to pieces, a wire brush or a putty knife can be used to dislodge materials.

Gravel can be applied to property that does not drain sufficiently. Drainage improvements will prevent water from accumulating, which could pose the threat of damage to building materials or possessions that are stored inside of a basement.

Repair Concrete Walls

If concrete cracks are long and deep, they should be repaired by a professional. Small cracks can be filled with a tube of the patch. Before completing a basement leak repair in Washington DC, a basement’s walls should be cleaned with a concrete cleaning agent. If concrete is chipped, a putty knife can be used to remove loose pieces of concrete.

Each crack should be filled with an even amount of patch. Patch that is contained in a tube can be administered with a caulk gun. The tool’s tip should be moved slowly along the length of each crack while the patch is dispensed. If too much patch is released while completing a basement leak repair in Washington DC, the tip of a putty knife can be used to scrape the excess patch from one or more of the basement’s walls.

Add A Waterproof Sealer

After the patch has dried, the interior walls need to be sealed so that cracks do not form in the concrete again. A waterproof sealer is a product that is translucent and fairly easy to apply to interior walls.

Before sealer is brushed or rolled across walls, furnishings or other loose items that are next to each wall should be moved to the central part of a basement. Strips of tape can be used to cover electrical outlets and trim. Visit Basementwaterproofingworldwide.com or a similar website to learn more about waterproofing procedures.

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