Avoid These Mistakes with Help from Accident Attorneys in Marana, AZ

Avoid These Mistakes with Help from Accident Attorneys in Marana, AZ

If someone is hurt in an auto or motorcycle accident, they should take certain steps and avoid certain mistakes. When a victim hires accident attorneys in Marana, AZ, the lawyer can help them avoid blunders that may damage the case.

Delaying Medical Care

The most important thing to do after an auto accident is seeking immediate medical attention. Delaying care can damage a case, as the other party’s insurer may use it to show that the victim’s injuries weren’t as serious as claimed. An attorney can help a client prove their injuries by providing the appropriate medical documentation. With a lawyer’s help, a client is more likely to keep doctor’s appointments and fulfill other obligations.

Signing Insurance Paperwork or Releases

Insurers, whether they’re working for the client or the other driver, are known for employing forceful tactics when it’s time for victims to sign release papers. These companies are in the business to make a profit, and they do so by minimizing payouts whenever possible. Without a lawyer’s help, a client may inadvertently sign paperwork that releases all their medical records or waives their right to future settlements. A victim should never sign insurance papers without first consulting accident attorneys in Marana, AZ.

Discussing the Accident

It’s never wise to talk to anyone but an attorney about the case. This includes insurance adjusters, the other party’s attorney, witnesses, and the other motorist. When someone’s hurt in an auto accident, an attorney can take care of all their problems and provide aggressive representation.

Taking the First Settlement Offer

In many cases, the other party’s insurer may offer a quick settlement to get the victim to relinquish the claim. Usually, these initial offers aren’t enough to pay the victim’s medical bills, repair or replace their car, and handle future expenses. Don’t accept a check or sign a release form without asking for an attorney’s advice.

Not all auto accidents require assistance from a personal injury lawyer. However, in serious cases, an injured client can greatly benefit from professional legal representation. Call the firm or visit PriceAndPriceLaw.com for more details.

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