Auto Accident Attorneys in Lincoln Park, NJ Help Injured Individuals Understand New Jersey Insurance Laws


People who have been injured in a vehicle accident due to the negligence or carelessness of another driver should justifiably expect financial compensation. In New Jersey, no-fault legislation is in place that mandates medical bills be paid by the person’s own automotive insurance company, even if that person was not at fault. Auto accident attorneys in Lincoln Park, NJ can explain how this works to anyone who was seriously hurt in a collision and doesn’t know how to proceed.

In some ways, this regulation is advantageous because it streamlines the process. Insurers aren’t invested in proving whether one driver was at fault or not and negotiating settlements on that basis. On the other hand, it can limit some aspects of compensation. The individual’s own insurer is less likely to offer compensation for intangible factors such as pain and suffering or emotional trauma. It should, however, promptly pay medical bills, expenses for ongoing therapy and adaptive equipment, and compensation for lost wages. If the policyholder is encountering long delays or a dispute, auto accident attorneys in Lincoln Park, NJ can help.

It may be possible to sue the other driver or the driver’s insurer for pain and suffering, along with other intangible aspects. Much of this possibility depends on the type of insurance coverage the injured driver has chosen. Attorneys with a firm such as the Law Offices of Larry Bruce Goodman will want to see the full policy so they can determine whether a lawsuit is feasible. Some policies offer lower premiums in return for limitations on lawsuits in these situations.

As with the state regulations, there are pros and cons to this measure. Lower premiums definitely benefit the consumer. However, limitations on legal action can greatly restrict the financial compensation a person may obtain after a serious accident. Meanwhile, an injured individual may be dealing with reduced quality of life, inability to engage in favorite activities, depression, anxiety and many other intangible aspects. It’s relatively common for vehicle accident victims to develop post-traumatic stress disorder, which can have debilitating emotional effects.

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