Assessing Domestic Violence Offenses With A Criminal Defense Lawyer In Martinsburg, WV

Assessing Domestic Violence Offenses With A Criminal Defense Lawyer In Martinsburg, WV

In West Virginia, defendants who are charged with domestic violence must build a strong defense. These defendants are charged with these infractions based on the victim identified in the case. The penalties in which they face are based on the exact form of assault committed. The following are details about these infractions and how they are evaluated by a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Martinsburg WV.

What is Domestic Violence?

Domestic violence is identified by assault, battery, or abuse of another family member. It can include a variety of circumstances and severity levels. These crimes can tear families apart and lead the victim to feel unsafe in their own home. They can also apply to former romantic partners and spouses.

When is an Order of Protection Acquired?

An order of protection is acquired by the victim once the formal charges are made. The order is granted if the defendant poses a risk to the victim. It presents terms that prevent the defendant from contacting the victim in any way. This includes visiting the victim’s home or any location in which the victim visits frequently.

How Does the Order Affect the Defendant’s Case?

If the defendant doesn’t follow the orders of the protection order, they will face further charges. These charges have individual penalties for each offense. The charges could present them with extensive penalties that can have a negative impact on their lives this may include additional felonies. This could prevent them from acquiring gainful employment.

Are These Cases Associated with Any Other Cases?

In some instances, these cases are associated with divorces. If the defendant is found guilty, this could affect child custody. If the defendant is deemed a risk to their child, the court can prevent them from getting custody and require supervised visitation.

In West Virginia, defendants charged with domestic violence could face serious consequences. These consequences could lead to a prison sentence and hefty fines. They could also require the defendant to take participate in anger management classes. Defendants who are facing domestic violence charges contact a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Martinsburg WV or Visit their site for further information today.

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