Applying for Long-Term Disability in Chicago


Every single year, over 71% of the people applying for long-term disability in Illinois will be denied after their first claim. This high percentage of denial makes it an absolute necessity to appeal the claim and also understand the entire appeal process. Regardless of which level you are receiving benefits, the entire process is exactly the same. If you want to be improved for social security disability you will need to be able to present a case that satisfies all criteria both medical and non-medical.

The Qualification Process

In order to qualify for SSD or SSI benefits in Chicago through a title 16 program or through title 2, you will be required to prove that you have at least one mental or physical condition that prevents you from engaging in any type of work activity. A disability exists when a certain condition lasts for a certain amount of time and is severe enough to prevent the seeking of employment.

The Decision Process

After a disability claim reaches the Social Security office it is then sent to a disability determination services agency where it is then examined. There can be a lengthy wait time depending on the examiner’s workload. The examiner will then obtain the medical evidence that is required to prove that the information on the claim is 100% accurate from a medical standpoint.

Two Ways of Approval

There are two different ways in which these examiners approve disability claims. The first way requires them to review the medical evidence to make sure that what the claimant claims is actually true. Their condition must be listed on a list of disabling impairments which is provided by the SSA. Everything that is listed on the application must be proven to be true. If there are any issues with the application then it is immediately declined.

Hiring an Attorney

This information alone proves that the application process for Social Security Disability benefits can be extremely challenging. It is crucial that you consider hiring long-term disability attorney in Chicago in order to streamline the process. It can also ensure that all of the documentation is filed properly so that it can increase the chances of your claim being approved. It is best to not take on this type of task without legal assistance. Most of the 71% who get denied, do not have legal representation. Increase your chances by hiring an attorney.


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