Antioch Dog Bite Attorneys Can Help You With Your Dog Bite Claim

Antioch Dog Bite Attorneys Can Help You With Your Dog Bite Claim

Dog owners in most states are required to abide by specified laws in order to help protected public safety. These laws also ensure that the pet owner is responsible for the behavior of his or her pet. When a person becomes injured by a dog, the law in Illinois assigns the responsibility of the dog’s actions upon the dog owner, including any act of aggression that caused the injury. Antioch dog bite attorneys can assist victims of dog attacks by helping them to recover any rightful compensation they are owed for injuries sustained.

The Dog Bite Law
Specifically, Illinois statute 510 ILCS 5/16 states three criteria that the injured person must demonstrate in order to prove that the dog owner is legally responsible for the bite injury: These are:

  • The owner’s dog was not provoked
  • The dog attempted to attack, did attack or caused injury to the person
  • The injured person was legally permitted to be at the location when they were attacked

The law in Illinois protects individuals from various forms of dog misbehavior that results in injury to a person – this includes dogs that jump on people to knock them down and/or bite them as well. Any injury caused by the action of a dog toward a person can potentially result in a legal claim for compensation. Antioch dog bite attorneys offer skilled representation to victims of dog bites – they can help you recover compensation for your injuries.

Strict Liability Defined Under the Law
There are generally two categories under which a dog bite can fall under the law. Those are strict liability and negligence. In the state of Illinois, strict liability is the law when it comes to dog bites or attacks and the responsibility of the owner. Even if the owner did not know or realize that the dog caused the injury to the person or persons, he or she is still held liable for the results of the pet’s actions. Antioch dog bite attorneys understand how liability is demonstrated to the court and can help you navigate a successful outcome to recover deserved compensation.

Any type of injury caused by a dog falls under this part of the law. It doesn’t have to be a dog bite necessary. Any behavior causing injury to a person can qualify. The victim must demonstrate his or her claim based on the 510 ILCS 5/16 statute.

Statute of Limitations
Antioch dog bite attorneys understand that the Illinois statute of limitations for a personal injury claim resulting from a dog attack is two years. After that time period has ended, you will have lost your ability to file a claim. So it is important to file any claim before the deadline.

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