An Overview Of Different Varieties Of Stainless Steel Benches


What kind of surface do you use to dice up those freshly grown ingredients? Locally sourced meats, organic fruits, vibrantly coloured vegetables – whatever ingredients you are using to whip together a feast at home or inside your restaurant, you should really think about introducing stainless steel benches. These benches are more popular than you might think and they are very hygienic. Different to a typical table or countertop, they are often designed with storage, doors, plenty of surface space and in some cases, sinks! Wood, granite and laminate are some alternative material options for kitchen benches, but stainless steel is perhaps the most long-lasting. Learn the facts about the styles on offer before you buy.

Back Splash Protection Benches

Want to protect what’s behind the stainless steel benches in your kitchen? If so, hire a professional fitter to install backsplash protection benches. These backsplashes cover the wall that is behind the bench, therefore you don’t have to worry about hot splashes and splatters of oil, grease and other nightmare concoctions making the kitchen look grubby. Food-grade stainless steel is normally used to make the backsplashes, which can be cleaned with ease, will shield the floor from grime and can be manufactured in an assortment of colours and patterns. Enhance yours with spotlighting or position near the windows to reflect natural light.

Benches with Built-In Sinks

Nobody wants to have to walk back and forth to the kitchen sink when they are preparing meals on stainless steel benches. This is why it’s worth getting benchtops installed with built-in sinks. Sure, you can expect to spend a little bit more on benches of this kind, but the extra price will be worth it in the long-run. Suitable for pantries, laundry rooms and even outdoor use, benchtops with built-in sinks are incredibly versatile.

Storage Stainless Steel Benches

An untidy kitchen will not look very appealing for anyone who has a chance to take a peek inside. For you, the chef at a restaurant or chief of the cooking space in the home, the task of finding ingredients and utensils will be pretty hard, unless you buy stainless steel benches with underneath storage that is. Lots of benchtops have compartments and cupboards that are hidden away, but these separate compartments can store a whole lot. For aesthetic appeal, choose benches with transparent glass front cabinet doors. Highlight what’s inside with spotlighting and you can easily create an instant visual improvement.

You will be spoiled for choice by Stainless Benchtop’s range of stainless steel benches.

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