An Aerobic Septic System In Spring TX Need, The Proper Maintenance, To Keep Operating


An aerobic septic system in Spring TX should be properly maintained by a trained septic system company. Solids can build in up the first tank and push into the next tank. If this occurs, the system could easily clog. Wastewater that is partially filtered will flow into the aeration chamber. In this chamber air or a rotor will agitate the waste and increase the oxygen level that supports the bacteria in the tank. Once this process is complete in the chamber, the water will move to the clarification area. This area will help to separate any other solids that are still remaining in the process. After all, of these processes are complete, the water will filter into a pump tank which will pump the water out.

A system such as an Aerobic Septic System in Spring TX offers an environmentally friendly solution for cleansing wastewater for a healthier environment. Proper maintenance includes washing the float and keeping the first tank from overflowing into the second tank. A conventional septic system does not offer this type of filtration system. For a conventional septic system, all of the solids flow into a tank. A conventional septic system does require the use of any electric and performs its job strictly by gravity. The first tank is the pre-treatment tank and holds sludge, water and scum. The water flows into the second tank and will separate again into sludge, water and scum. The water will flow out of the tank and into the drain field. The drain field will release the water into the ground through a series of pipes and into the ground to filter the water naturally.

With either system, keeping the solids at a minimum is one of the most important aspects of maintaining a septic system. Once solids build up in the first tank and continue to push through the system, it can cause very costly repairs. Don’t wait until the toilet stops flushing or the drains quit draining to have a septic system checked. Contact an experienced septic system contractor. For more information on a septic system, please feel free to Contact us.

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