An Accident Attorney in West Bend WI Can Protect an At-Fault Party

An Accident Attorney in West Bend WI Can Protect an At-Fault Party

If a person is injured because of another party’s behavior, there are things the at-fault party should do to avoid making matters worse in insurance claims and lawsuits. Readers can Click Here for a brief discussion of do’s and don’ts for defendants in personal injury actions.

The Do’s

* Do call the police, especially following an auto accident. The police will take statements from witnesses and involved parties, and the report can help the at-fault party if the plaintiff changes their story or exaggerates their injuries.

* Do fully cooperate with EMTs and law enforcement officers, and stay out of their way. Interfering with first responders and police can aggravate injuries and make the at-fault party look bad.

* Do exchange insurance and contact information with those involved in the accident. If there are witnesses, be sure to get their information as well.

* Do take photos of the damage and of any injuries, if it’s possible. Take pictures of the area around the accident scene, from different angles.

* Do get medical attention. This will protect the at-fault party from injury, but it will also account for damages suffered in case of a claim against another party.

* Do make a claim with insurers. Failing to do it on time can result in a denied claim.

* Do call a lawyer. An

Accident Attorney in West Bend WI

* can guide the at-fault party through the legal process and provide a good defense.

The Don’ts

* Don’t leave the accident scene. Stay on the scene until information is exchanged between parties, or until law enforcement allows departure.

* Don’t move the vehicle unless it’s causing a safety issue, or unless ordered to do so by law enforcement officers.

* Don’t hide or throw away evidence.

* Don’t discuss the events with anyone, including insurance adjusters and other parties’ lawyers.

* Do not admit fault or apologize to anyone.

If the at-fault party has an Accident Attorney in West Bend WI, they should provide that lawyer’s information to the other party’s counsel. Do not agree to settlement terms without discussing them with an Accident Attorney in West Bend WI, because the scope of others’ injuries and the at-fault party’s liability may not become apparent for a period. Visit Hetzel & Nelson, LLC for more information.

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